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Prizes, Fellowships, and Honors
Accepted to the Inaugural NorteSur Translation Residency. Colombia. 2024. (declined).
American Literary Translators Association Travel Fellowship. 2023.
Full scholarship to the Bread Loaf Translator's Conference. 2023.
Finalist for the American Literary Translators Association's Travel Fellowship. 2022.
inalist for the Columbia Journal Winter Contest in Translation. 2021.

Banff BILTC Emerging Translator Fellowship. 2020.
Longlisted for the Dryden Translation Competition. 2020.
Longlisted for the Disquiet International Prize. 2020.
Winner of the World Literature Today Translation Prize in Poetry. 2018.
Finalist for the Lunch Ticket Prize in Translation. 2017.
Stanley Travel Fellowship to Mexico. University of Iowa. 2017.
Fulbright English Teaching Fellowship. Mexico. 2015-2016. 



"Seeking Publisher: An Excerpt from No Way Back" by Claudia Morales. Latin American Literature Today. December 2023.

"An animal twice animal, an excerpt from Kús" by Karen Villeda. Circumference Magazine. December 2023.

"Birth, the first chapter of the novel Girl Prodigies" by Sabina Urraca. Washington Square Review. January 2023.

"The Dead Women Who Share My Name, from the Water of Lourdes" by Karen Villeda. Co-translated with Andrea Chapela. Asymptote Journal. October 2022.

"Victoria's Secret" by Andrea Chapela. The Common. April 2022.


"Grandma Elena and the Cadejo, a chapter from the novel, No Way Back" by Claudia Morales. The Offing. September 2021.


"A Brief Overview of Fantastic Imaginative Lit in Mexico" by Libia Brenda. Strange Horizons. December 2020. 

The Resplendence of Disappearing” by Iván Parra García in Tiny Nightmares, an Anthology of Short Horror Fiction. Ed. Lincoln Michel and Nadxieli Nieto. Catapult/SoftSkull Press. October 2020. 

"Preparation for a Novena" by Noé Blancas-Blancas. ANMLY. October 2020. 

"Ambrosia Prayed for Rain" by Noé Blancas Blancas. The Los Angeles Review. October 2020.

"Surviving the End Times with a Cat, a How-to" by Andrea Chapela. Literal Magazine. July 2020.

“Three Excerpts About the Bestia”  by Claudia Morales. Exchanges 30th Anniversary Issue. March 2020.

Three Poems from Horla City y Otros” by Fabián Casas. World Literature Today, June 2018. 

The Hindu Storm” by Ana García Bergua. Asymptote Translation Tuesdays feature. February 2018. 

The Last Ones” by Claudia Morales. Lunch Ticket. Winter 2017. 

"Rabid” by Claudia Morales. Mexico City Lit. 2016. 

Memories of an Imagined Home” by Emma Sepúlveda-Pulvirenti in the anthology Home: An Imagined Landscape. Ed. Marjorie Agosín. Solis Press. 2016.


English - Native

Spanish - Fluent

French - Advanced

Arabic - Novice

translation work 

Contracted translator for Álvaro Enrigue's essay, "The Body Without Organs" 2022. 


Contracted translator for forty-five pages of Azriel Bibliovich's novel, Migas de pan (Alfaguara 2013). 2021.


Contracted translator for thirty pages of Emma Sepúlveda-Pulvirenti's novel, Cuando mi cuerpo dejó de ser tu casa (Catalonia 2022). 2021.


Contracted translator for Miguel Caballero's essay, "Elegy for Cruising." 2021.


"Migrant Voices in British Colubmia" contest. Contracted translator for the Colombian Consulate of Vancouver's inaugural short story contest. 2020.

Contracted translator for the first thirty pages of Mandy Guttman-Gonzalez's novel, La Pava (Inubicalistas 2016). 2020.

Contracted translator for Dr. Juan Carlos Mendoza. Translator of several series of poems and opera lyrics for doctoral research on Mexican opera in the 19th and 20th centuries. 2018.

Avocado Growers and their ‘Unstoppable Greed’ destroy 1173 acres of forest...” by Ivette Lira. Trans-Border Institute.  2016. 

"‘The Mayor told me I should give the reporter a scare...’" by Veronica Espinosa. Trans-Border Institute Freedom of Expression Project. 2016. 

"The Deported: An Endless Story" by Ruben Figueroa. Mexico: The Center for International Policy. 2016. 


"Indigenous Peoples of Ayutla, Dying of Neglect" by Kau Sirenio Pioquinto. Mexico: The Center for International Policy. 2016. 

Translation intern at La Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City. Fall 2015. 

Contributing Translator for the Ministry of Tourism. Mexico City. Spanish to English translator for 100+ Destinations for Adventure Tourism. October 2015

Some other work I've done



Online content manager

Spanish language Instructor

English language Instructor

Office Manager


Event Coordinator


Localization Expert

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